Greetings from the Representative

At the time of our founding, we were only in the real estate business, but now we are developing other businesses on the strength of our real estate business. Looking back over the past 10 years, we have been involved in the housing of many people. And even now, we are constantly researching to provide better housing. In order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, we feel that it is necessary not only to provide hardware, but also to propose software, which is a quality lifestyle, at the same time. Our fundamental philosophy is "to develop together with local communities while protecting the environment. For example, we operate a car sharing business, and sharing cars with others is very good for the environment. We can also provide transportation for local residents. It is not easy to make business and the environment work together, but we will continue to take on this challenge without wavering.

CEO Yoshito Fujimoto

Company Overview

Corporate name
AIRO Fudousan Hanbai corporation
The company establishment
July 30,2004
10 million yen
CEO Yoshito Fujimoto
The number of employees
The head office
1-7 2F-AIROSE Ashiya,Shinnozukacho,Ashiyashi,Hyogo,659-0016,Japan
℡ +81-797-25-9807
Member group
All Japan association of residential land building business
The governor of permission realestate Hyogo(4)203720
Rental housing management company
登録番号 国土交通大臣(01)第003295号
AIROSE corporation   AIRO car share   Ashiya salon AIROSE
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List of establishments

Airo Fudousan Hanbai
1-7 2F-AIROSE Ashiya,Shinnozukacho,Ashiya-shi,Hyogo,659-00016

5 minutes walk from Ashiya Station (JR Tokaido line)
〒659-0016兵庫県芦屋市親王塚町1-7 AIROSE芦屋2階 株式会社あいろ不動産販売 所在地:〒659-0016兵庫県芦屋市親王塚町1-7 AIROSE芦屋2階 株式会社あいろ不動産販売
AIROSE Hanshinkita
1-10-18,Nishikoya,Amagasaki-shi,Hyogo,AiroBuilding 2floor, 661-0047
所在地:〒661-0047兵庫県尼崎市西昆陽1-10-18 株式会社あいろ不動産販売 阪神北営業所 〒〒661-0047兵庫県尼崎市西昆陽1-10-18 株式会社あいろ不動産販売 阪神北営業所
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